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A newspaper on TikTok, helping kids during the pandemic and eSports: This is how US publishers are engaging younger audiences

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World News Publishing Focus
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A newspaper on TikTok, helping kids during the pandemic and eSports: This is how US publishers are engaging younger audiences

Gaining the trust of young audiences and providing relevant content to them is a must to publishers. Not only do news companies have the duty to inform society, including kids and teenagers, but it is also a smart way to start early in their efforts to gain loyal audiences. 

This category evaluated the publishing company’s efforts in engaging young (children and teenagers) and/or millennial audiences around any kind of initiative, including but not limited to news literacy, editorial content and/or public service. 

News-O-Matic, United States

News-O-Matic Helps Kids During Coronavirus Crisis

News-O-Matic is a platform that makes use of effective digital engagement strategies and literacy tools in order to become a critical news resource for students and teachers worldwide. During the current COVID-19 pandemic, News-O-Matic developed strategies to cover the crisis for kids, helping them understand what is happening and giving them a global platform to share their experiences.

News-O-Matic’s app currently has more than 5 million users from 148 countries, and thousands of schools have incorporated their articles into their literacy curricula. Every article is 100% original, designed to be safe and appropriate for readers of all ages. The texts are written at a variety of reading levels and translated by native speakers from English into Spanish, French, and Arabic. All these texts are also read out loud so kids can listen along. This ensures that all students have the chance to understand the information regardless of their reading abilities. It also helps kids identify reliable information and teaches them how to avoid fake news.

During the pandemic, News-O-Matic has focused on engaging children between the ages of 8 and 12 by allowing readers to access their content from any place at any time, giving readers regular access to experts on COVID-19 to share comments or ask questions, providing users many avenues to express their feelings and engage with the content and facilitating global conversations — kid to kid.


The Washington Post, United States

The Washington Post on TikTok

The Washington Post launched a branded TikTok account in 2019. It connected The Post to a new and younger audience and worked over time to show them what journalism is and how important it is to society. The creative video team at the Post came with a noble mission: restore trust in the media and gain new audiences through funny, informal content.

The Post aims at targeting a younger audience by simply letting them know: “We are a newspaper” that is on TikTok to listen, talk and create community around our daily search for the truth and what unites us. They consider trust as a paramount challenge for the industry. For The Post, joining TikTok - Gen Z’s go-to platform - has brought a new audience and instigated the young readers curiosity around diverse topics, including news. “We are a newspaper” currently has more than 19 million “likes” and a legion of fans who engage with The Post.


Trib Total Media, United States

eSports engagement

Trib Total Media’s digital affiliate, 535media, and Korean media company, Inven KR, formed Inven Global English (“InvenGlobal”) to reach the North American and other English-speaking gaming and eSports markets, in an effort to reach an 18-34 year old audience. 

InvenGlobal is a website that provides media coverage of eSports and related interests. In order to capitalize on its unique knowledge of this market segment, InvenGlobal complemented their media website with the launch of investment consulting services, new video game promotions, and events/education seminars to also be able to meet their audience in-person.

According to Trib Total Media, Millennials and Generation Z comprise 89% of InvenGlobal’s audience. The InvenGlobal site is getting 54% mobile traffic and 44% desktop, comprising an audience of gamers, movie lovers, technophiles, hard core gamers, fast food cravers, value shoppers, music lovers, role-playing game fans, and action game fans. Trib Total Media sought to establish a true connection with a niche market, and they have begun to do so in an audience that has grown tremendously over the past decade world-wide. In North America, the gaming market, including eSports, is growing at an amazing rate.

The winner of this category is The Washington Post and is now competing on WAN-IFRA’s 2020 World Digital Media Awards against the winners from Latin America, Asia, Europe, and Africa.


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2020-05-13 22:43

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