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Quality, tech and creativity: keys to delivering powerful brand messages

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World News Publishing Focus
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Quality, tech and creativity: keys to delivering powerful brand messages

Branded content continues to be a valid revenue source for publishers, providing value to readers and advertisers alike. Publishers or publisher-owned agencies creating branded content / native advertising participated in this category. The following campaigns demonstrated a clear brand voice and identity that played well across different platforms, quality content, and high levels of reader engagement.


Bloomberg Media, United States

Defining Factors with BlackRock

Bloomberg Media partnered with BlackRock, one of the world’s largest asset managers for individuals, professionals and institutions. BlackRock aimed at demystifying and broadening the access to their management portfolio called Factor Investing, amongst an audience of Financial Advisors (FAs). To do so, Bloomberg’s AI research tool identified FAs’ professional and personal interests and found ways in which Factor Investing could be a lot less complex to understand. 

Their joint campaign consisted of 19 long-form and social videos, an interactive data visualization and a downloadable eBook, and a series of episodes featuring BlackRocks’ Head of Factor Investing Andrew Ang along with a well-known influencer across different cultural fields, from music to sports to fine dining. These three fields in particular were among FAs’ main interests as discovered by Bloomberg. 

According to Bloomberg Media, campaign metrics showed a significant increase in awareness and understanding of Factor Investing. It also obtained a total of 5.1 million video views, 40% video recognition and 52% digital ad recognition. Furthermore, 86% of FAs claimed they were more interested in learning about Factor Investing solutions and 69% of campaign recognizers said they were likely to invest in BlackRock.


Bloomberg Media, United States

Quest for Better

Wells Fargo, the US’ fourth largest bank, partnered with Bloomberg Media in order to improve top-of-mind awareness and consideration of its Commercial Technology and Healthcare banking divisions. Bloomberg Media identified C-Suite  IT, healthcare and business decision-makers as their target audience for this campaign. Internal research revealed business leaders are interested in entrepreneurial success stories and the motivations that drive them. 

Bloomberg launched a series of stories across their 5 platforms: TV, radio, podcast, web and print. These stories had a core strategy: “the journey of success is only as powerful as its quest”, so Bloomberg told the stories of how - and most importantly, why - successful business partnerships came to be, elevating Wells Fargo from a bank to a true financial partner. 

30 second TV spots, 30 second radio spots, print advertisements, podcasts, social media posts, live events and the Wells Fargo sponsored TV show (The David Rubenstein Show: Peer-to-Peer Conversations) talked about Wells Fargo shaping the future of healthcare and technology by supporting the latest research, providing critical funding for revolutionary products and services, and navigating financial and regulatory challenges.

After surveying the campaign, Bloomberg found out that 80% agreed with positive brand sentiment statements and 20% contacted Wells Fargo directly to learn more about their services.


The Weather Channel Digital, United States

Forecast: Change, an IBM and The Weather Channel Initiative

The Weather Channel (TWC) partnered with IBM to raise awareness and encourage action in support of climate change and clean water for all. On June 5, 2019 The Weather Channel launched an initiative to commemorate World Environment Day. The campaign provided educational content and adaptation challenges related to water scarcity, followed by a call to action: Check your weather. Unlock clean water. Every time a person checked the weather forecast on TWC’s app or, they unlocked clean water donations to people in need. 

The campaign also featured an unannounced logo change in all platforms (from The Weather Channel to The Water Channel), a launch of a new landing page (, a $1M donation to charity, media and public activations, weekly branded editorial content, monthly conservation challenges, weekly organic posts and internal IBM promotion via IBMer News, w3 blog posts, internal emails and Slack channels. It also engaged their community of readers by encouraging them to demand, contribute and track collective action. 

According to TWC, 100 million liters of clean water were donated to 16,000 people in need in Cambodia and Niger. Also, the campaign lifted brand affinity by 35% among in-app users, extended to social media interactions showing a lift of 12,5% in positive brand sentiment and 125% decline in negative brand sentiment.

The winner of this category is Bloomberg Media x BlackRock and is now competing for WAN-IFRA’s 2020 World Digital Media Awards against the winners from Latin America, Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and India.



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2020-05-01 02:14

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