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EU Parliament chooses journalism and fairness

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EU Parliament chooses journalism and fairness

Until the very last minute the vote could have gone terribly wrong: MEPS are elected officials, and the portion of their constituency that fell for the falsehoods spread by the opponents of the directive seemed rather impressive. The tech giants have invested millions over the last three years in lobbying, succeeding to convince a big part of the public of lies such as that wikipedia and memes would be impacted, that users would not be able to share links anymore, that startups would be strangled. 

It is heartwarming to see that the Parliament decided, in large majority, to ignore the shouts of ignorance, bullying and pure egotistic interests, and uphold instead freedom of the press. Starting today, the content creators will have to be compensated for their efforts, and the Internet will get a chance to become "free and open", rather than controlled by "closed, monopolistic platforms". 

The creative industry pulled together and realized an incredible effort, especially considering the very few resources they had at their disposal compared to their opponents.  Artists, journalists, publishers, associations produced beautiful, clarifying content, from videos, to debunking lists, to pirate letters, to campaigns.

The result? In the words of Angela Mills Wade this was "a vote for fairness, for culture, for creativity and, crucially, for the future of Europe’s professional, diverse independent press". 

We will have a richer internet, "which is only as valuable and as useful as the quality of the content that populates it". 

Throughout this excruciating process, WAN-IFRA followed the lead of its European members ENPA and NME, supported all their statementsinitiatives and campaigns often pulled out thanks to endless all nighters, and is proud today to congratulate the whole industry for this collective success.  



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Elena Perotti


2019-03-26 16:08

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