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Tips and tricks to creating better Instagram Stories

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Tips and tricks to creating better Instagram Stories

Nicci Meek, the Strategic Partner Manager for Instagram APAC, explains the hidden tricks on Instagram Stories to the audience. (Photo: Jessie Pang)

With a billion users on the Instagram platform and 400 million daily users of Instagram Stories, Instagram has become a growing alternative in news distribution worldwide.

Nicci Meek, Strategic Partner Manager for Instagram APAC, teaches participants tips and hidden tricks to create better Instagram Stories. She conducted an Instagram Stories School session at WAN-IFRA’s Digital Media Asia 2018 conference.

Tips and Hacks are listed as follows:

 1. Text and Color 

1. Choose any font you like and start typing

2.  Choose alignment after you finish typing. It can be center, left, or right.

3.  Choose the colour that you want. Or you can use an eyedropper and click anywhere on your picture so that the font colour can match with the picture.

4.    Highlighted the text with a colour block.

5.    Rainbow text

a. Select all the text.

b. Tap and hold the colour tap and swipe along the text with two fingers at the same time. 

Participants learning how to use rainbow text on their Instagram Stories. (Photo: Jessie Pang)

2. Drawings

  1. Click the brush tool and select any type of brush and colour you want. Draw it behind your text to create a colour block.
  2. To create an overlay on your picture: You need to click the brush tool and select the colour you want. Then tap and hold on the screen. You will see a solid colour over the picture. Next, you can select the eraser tool and start to erase the part you want the readers to see.

3. Stickers and GIFs

  1. Search for the stickers or GIFs you need to add contexts, such as time, temperature and place. Press and hold it will change to different shape or style. You can also select selfie stickers and create your own. 
  2. You can also add GIFs stickers on your video. After taking a video, add a sticker, tap it and hold. Use the slider bar at the bottom of the screen to scroll through the video. Last, tap Pin and it will process for you.
  3. To engage with the audience, you can add a poll sticker or emoji slider sticker to interact with your audience. 

Lucky participants received Instagram Stories Kits which were found under their chairs. (Photo: Jessie Pang)

At the end of the session, Nicci surprised two participants with an Instagram Stories Kit that she had put under their chairs earlier on. She said she hoped they can create great Instagram Stories with the tools provided inside. 



Jessie Pang is a Master’s in Journalism candidate at the Journalism and Media Studies Centre, Hong Kong University.


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