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Monetisation – New business models for a changing media landscape

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Your Guide to the Changing Media Landscape

Monetisation – New business models for a changing media landscape

While advertisers are investing more in digital advertising, the money is more widely distributed and advertising investment is going primarily to other digital actors. Publishers have trouble competing with these companies and chasing scale risks escalating costs and diminishing quality.

Various startups are experimenting with alternatives that offer possible responses to these challenges. Whether it’s smart pay walls, different ways to convert, manage and distribute content in a more flexible way or new approaches to advertising.  


CONTENT CONVERTERContentConverterContentConverter

Convert your content into the digital formats that you require. We provide you with the technology that you need to convert, manage and distribute content and apps for mobile devices and browsers for the optimum reading experience.

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Showcase your ideas and promote your brand messaging before a diverse, unlimited audience. Effectively connect engaged consumers with valuable brands and publishers on all small screens.

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ividence monetises the daily newsletters sent by the publishers to their users with real time native ads.

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Poool dynamic paywall helps publishers create a custom relationship with their readers, engaging them and maximize average revenue per user (ARPU).

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Our products help publishing teams and brand agencies manage and monetise digital content contribution. Each product exists independently and integrates with existing platforms; alternatively bundled together they provide a digital ecosystem.

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SwissPay is the inventor of the SmartWall which allows users to pay for single articles without any friction, the solution also helps publishers to convert one-time readers into subscribers through a cutting-edge machine learning technology.

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2017-11-21 09:47

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