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Personalisation – Make more out of your data to better reach your audiences

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Personalisation – Make more out of your data to better reach your audiences

Analyzing and mining data has become routine and it is a force shaping nearly every industry, including news media. Indeed, news media companies have access to more data than ever thanks to the content they produce - text, images, video, audio, etc. – but also thanks to digital subscriptions, search information and page metrics. By studying this valuable data, companies have the opportunity to analyse a tremendous amount of information and gain critical information about their consumers and products.
In a context where many consumers are overwhelmed by an explosion of content which they have access to, this clearly motivates the need for "assistance" in finding the right content at the right time: personalisation of news. On a global scale, today, most media companies are investing – or intending to invest – in big data technology. But while they buy into the value of big data, many are struggling to actually extract the value from it.

Here’s a selection of startups from our network that offer different types of personalisation solutions.



Genscom helps publishers create and test new ideas and business models for printed newspapers by producing your MVP.

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HYSCORE.IOhyScorehyScore reduces the barriers of entry to access contextual intelligence and enrichment for many use cases in the publishing, advertising and digitalisation market.

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Klangoo’s Artificial Intelligence based audience engagement solution “Magnet” helps publishers to personalise news and save costs

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OwnPageOwnPageOwnpage provides publishers a personalised newsletter service that increases the CTR up to 120%.

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2017-11-06 11:04

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