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A hit with third-party retrofits

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A hit with third-party retrofits

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manroland web systems

The manroland web systems third-party press service is part of the new service strategy. Service is becoming more and more important for printing companies. Whereas in the past, investments in new machines were common, printing houses have now become more hesitant. It has become hard to predict the market and additional challenges keep arising.

To maintain the competitive edge in the face of all of this, a search has begun for solutions that offer more quality, flexibility and productivity, while also increasing the lifecycle of the machine. This saves costs in two ways – on the one hand for investment and on the other hand for production. Now this is possible for all operators on the market – for manroland web systems customers as well as the ones using presses of other manufacturers. manroland web systems offers a customer-specific approach and advice, but also customised solutions.

Different paths to success

In principle, almost any press can be brought into a condition today that satisfies current customer expectations. Printing companies and manroland web systems have started to rethink in the past few years: A press upgrade or retrofit is a real alternative to buying a new or high-quality used machine, even though all types of investment can be profitable.

Significant advantages of a retrofit are evident: It secures the uptime of an existing press for many years to come and lowers the operating costs through higher spare parts availability. In addition, quality, flexibility and productivity advances can be achieved – depending on which type of upgrade is chosen.

Third-party service investments

Besides the numerous manroland customers which have already opted for upgrade and retrofit solutions, especially third-party customers who invested in manroland web systems solutions for their presses from different competitors in the past year stand out.

Star Tribune, USA: This pilot customer is integrating manroland web systems software in third-party machines: The PECOM-X control station system now replaces the old control stations of the Goss Headliner offset press at Star Tribune. It is now possible to integrate the PECOM-X control station technology into existing presses of any manufacturer. For control station retrofits with PECOM-X, the press is integrated into the PECOM-X control station using standard electronic accesses. The new system then increases the capacities for faster job changeovers, lower spoilage and more colour and format flexibility.

Bay Area News Group, USA: This California-based group is part of Digital First Media and also opted for an upgrade of the control system and electronics of a Colorliner press at its Concord production site, with the aim of improving its production flexibility and efficiency. The control upgrade takes a modular approach within the framework of the manroland web systems “Gateway Umbrella” strategy. It makes control upgrades and replacing machine sections possible without interfering with the production. The flexible accesses make sure that the tight daily production schedules at Concord can also be met during the upgrade-phase.

Upgrades for printing presses also include the addition of various components with adequate, logic evaluation technology, which can then be operated via touchscreens, at the ControlDesk and with the MobilPad. Furthermore, the upgrade includes the exchange of older components at the reel splicer, which are replaced with contact-free parts for a longer life cycle and improved reliability. Additionally, new press components like the manroland web break detector, upgrades for outdated page displays and a PLC control for digital dye and spray systems are installed.

Lokmat, India: manroland web systems India is further expanding the third-party press service and installed inline control systems on an Orient Express / The Printers House press at Lokmat in India. The auto registration system, which was specially developed for Lokmat, is made up of a combination of 10 inline register smart-cameras, 2 double function cameras and 4 cut-off register systems. The system was successfully installed and the machine is now running with new control systems, which lead the market with their measuring accuracy of +/- 0,01 mm. For the customer, this means saving costs, less spoilage and constantly high quality. The control systems are available for presses of all designs on the market and can be integrated into any press.  

People’s Daily, China: In China, the market organisation manroland web printing equipment, which was founded one year ago, has gained a good reputation with customers having competitor presses, through its strong presence and reliability and has also convinced them of its service performance capacity. As a result, technicians from the market organisation have now received an order for the relocation of a Goss printing press at People’s Daily. China’s most influential daily newspaper decided to let manroland handle the relocation of a GOSS Universal 75, consisting of 6 printing towers, 2 folders and 6 reel splicers. Additionally, the press will receive an access for a blanket washer at its new location. manroland web printing equipment Beijing is responsible for the complete relocation process, from the disassembly, extraction, transport, insertion, assembly and commissioning of long cable sets and it has already begun. The press is expected to resume production by the end of September 2017.


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2017-09-28 12:52

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