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manroland web systems’ take on a flexible and stable newspaper future

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manroland web systems’ take on a flexible and stable newspaper future

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manroland web systems

The demands of the modern, quickly developing market require consistency, stability and security when it comes to the lifecycles of the presses. They also, however, call for new, creative business models.

For some time now, the newspaper industry has been going through a phase of introspection  – rethinking every aspect of publishing. Increasingly, content is being catered to the reader’s preferences, providing more value, relevance and, crucially, quality. This not only gives newspapers a better chance to survive, but positions them to thrive.

New newspaper models are on the rise: today, international newspapers cooperate with local papers; international free sheets are published in different countries; target group-based newspapers, and multilingual newspapers are not exceptions anymore throughout the world. And, naturally, cross-media publishing, the intersection of print and online media which enables accessibility of the newspaper content on several levels, is steadily growing.

Newspapers need profile

This environment requires newspapers to be focused, agile and have the capability to address both specific reader interests and markets. This means creating or trying new formats, new designs, as well as new global, but also local and regional, media services for increased internet presence to reach those respective readers and markets with the right products.

Increasingly, newspapers are, for example, published in two languages in border regions to reach a broader audience. There are newspapers for immigrants or ethnic minorities in particular regions. There are targeted newspapers specifically addressing teenagers or business people. Free sheets emerge which are published in more than 80 countries. The new models also encompass collaborations of large- and small-scale, international and local newspapers that combine international news with local or regional content and offer the reader the greatest variety possible.

And, of course, this also calls for new, modern production possibilities. manroland web systems realised this early on and adjusted its press and service portfolio to the changes in the newspaper world. Changes that make it possible to efficiently produce a shrinking number of copies in the smallest amount of time, and to enable publishers to keep up with the requirements of the international newspaper market. Our innovations in the press business and consultation services aim directly at cost reduction, stability, future security, productivity increases and gaining production flexibility.

Taking the lead with new business models

There are several key topics in focus:

  • Innovations in the new press business and concepts that are clearly tailored to the customer’s requirements, like the e:line family (COLORMAN e:line and GEOMAN e:line).
  • This also means retrofit and upgrade solutions for increasing the lifecycle and the productivity of existing presses – not just for manroland web systems presses, but also for presses from other manufacturers in this market.
  • New business models like with digital newspaper production featuring comprehensive workflow solutions for the overall networking of the pressroom.
  • And automation solutions for increasing efficiency, flexibility and quality.

All these innovations are at cost reduction, productivity increases and gaining production flexibility. Through the trust of its customers and continuous development, manroland web systems is today the high-performing business partner and complete solutions provider for all stages of the printing process in web offset printing.



WAN-IFRA Editorial Staff


2017-09-27 16:42

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