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Zuckerberg on Facebook: it's all about making people's lives better

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Zuckerberg on Facebook: it's all about making people's lives better

Commenting on his open letter published a few weeks ago Zuckerberg reiterates that the social network’s primary mission is “connecting the world”, and "hopefully building some of the social infrastructure for a global community”. 
He addressed the topic of “the debates that are going on now around the news industry and misinformation” in a pretty confusing paragraph, where he complained about how “people” tend to think that Facebook makes money out of misinformation. Zuckerberg said that his decisions are in fact “values backed” and "freedom of speech is a funny thing because people always want freedom of speech unless people disagree with them” (sic). He then argued that the day to day work at Facebook is about giving a little more people some more of a voice every day, with the final goal of making the world “a much better place” in 20 or 30 years time. 
The interview closes on Zuckeberg toying with the idea of a global voting system - but “there are always going to be lines” and “this stuff is never perfect”. 
Meanwhile, Digiday reports that Facebook’s relationship with publishers is suffering another setback, while many withdraw their content from Instant Articles, driven away by the lack of data shared by Facebook, and preferring to keep traffic on their own websites. 


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2017-04-12 17:05

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