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Google updates AMP making it easier to access original URLs

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Google updates AMP making it easier to access original URLs

Google AMP (short for "Accelerated Mobile Pages") makes webpages load faster, but relies on those pages being stored in Google's own servers. For this reason, AMP pages always display the URL in an AMP format. This has caused concern among some publishers, who worry that readers would not so easily reach the publishers' own sites.

Google is now adressing these concerns with an update to AMP, which will give readers an easy access to the original URL and thus facilitating sharing links to the original site. Goole also announced Web Share API, which would allow browsers to default to the original URL when using the built-in sharing functions with AMP content, as long as the browser supports the API.

The update probably doesn't alleviate all the concerns publishers have, as users still need to specifically click on the "anchor" button, as Search Engine Land points out. But it does seem to affirm that Google is taking publishers' feedback seriously in developing AMP. 


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Teemu Henriksson


2017-02-07 14:09

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