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Mobile publishing: 5 questions for Eversify

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Mobile publishing: 5 questions for Eversify

Eversify (Stand C806) comes with three levels of app functionality: Eversify Classic for ePaper (PDF) editions of a news publisher, Eversify Hybrid, a PDF edition with added HTML5 capabilities, and Eversify Interactive, a full responsive HTML5 solution. Additionally, Eversify can deliver classic flipbooks, hybrid flipbook or interactive HTML5-based homepages.

This Q&A is edited for clarity and style.

Of the three options of mobile solutions you provide, can you give an indication as to which one most of your customers (and potential customers) seem to want to use?

We’re all human beings, so the way we communicate and consume, tends to differ a lot. This is also reflected in our data analysis. Our current clients and hot prospects do not favour a specific app or web style. But we can distinguish two key trends. A first trend reveals that our customers like to differentiate (in liaison with our Eversify we call it "diversify") their services to their readers. They offer both a digital print layout style as well as a pure HTML5 version. While our "classic" and "hybrid" Eversify App and Web solution could be enriched with advanced media, the pure HTML "Interactive" Eversify is responsive and gives a maximum of entertainment on all kinds of devices.

A second trend is the combination of App and Web-edition services to end users. A very prominent Eversify customer is the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung with the FAZ PLUS App and its brand new FAZ PLUS web-edition, which was launched at the beginning of October 2016. At Eversify, we thrive on delivering fully automated content streaming to all kind of devices, just to give publishers the freedom to concentrate 100% on their content creation. They rely on us to make sure that readers and consumers are served on whatever device they access, be it smart phones, tablets or PC web browsers. A hybrid solution like the one from FAZ makes that happen.

What sort of analytics does Eversify produce for publishers?

The Eversify SaaS (Software as a Solution) tracks important parameters on end user activities, including device specifications, OS levels, user behaviour tracking and more. But this does not cover the entire bandwidth of data collection. Other key important parameters contribute to learning more on the daily user behaviour. Google Analytics integration, App rating and other analytic modules help trace how users consume content, like advertisements, or when they stop reading an edition at a specific moment. We try to be as elaborate as possible. In some projects we even combine five different analytical technologies into one real-time dashboard. This dashboard then provides publishers and editors with the important information they need to fine-tune the product in terms of success and outreach.

How is subscription management handled in Eversify?
As the clients wishes, really. We’ve realised projects with a very basic subscription management solution for smaller publishers, as well as projects that include the integration of existing customer subscription systems via REST/SOAP or APIs. We also offer our own Eversify subscription solution for customers, for those who like to improve their existing subscription solution or migrate from a basic solution to a higher level. We hold onto our core philosophy within the entire Eversify technology: our customers’ core competence is the creation of all kinds of content which entertains readers on an hourly/daily base. Content is king, but the king also needs help. In our book (pun intended), automation and integration are the queens. This synergy carries the key to success!

How is social media use (and publishing) integrated into Eversify?
Social media functionality is incorporated entirely in the Eversify mobile publishing solution. While other App solutions solve social integration by basic functionalities and sharing features, Eversify provides the full integration of social streams. These will guide readers to the publishing products and from the App/web solution into the social community. This level of integration provides publishers and advertisement agencies with the high level of full transparency they need to assess the success and failure rates of their digital activities. Only full transparency allows for continuous improvement. That’s why we offer full integration.

How does Eversify, in general, help publishers to monetize content?
Support for monetising has been in Agfa Graphics’ DNA since decades. In the prepress segment, Agfa Graphics has proven highly successful in delivering highly automated workflow solutions to streamline and optimize the flow of digital content to the print production. Think software, Cloud solutions, plates, hardware like CTP or daily services and support. Eversify is a spin-off from Agfa Graphics NV, which developed the mobile publishing solution based on the existing long-term software skills. It integrated it with powerful mobile development and state-of-the-art software services to provide the highest efficiency for all kinds of publishers to strengthen their digital growth. Editorial content, various media, advertisement options, social media components, Eversify is a comprehensive mobile solution which combines all these parameters to a symbiotic, flexible and complete service. It allows for content to reach readers in a multichannel way, all the while offering data collection and analysis for continuous improvement. We believe Eversify has proven to empower publishers to a successful mobile future.



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2016-10-10 15:30

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