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Facebook miscalculated video viewership metrics for two years

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Facebook miscalculated video viewership metrics for two years

Facebook’s metric for average time users spent watching videos was inflated because it only took into account views that lasted more than three seconds. This may have overstated the average viewing time by between 60% and 80%, ad buying agency Publicis Media said to the Wall Street Journal.

Facebook is now introducing a new metric to address the issue.

For news media, online video has been a key focus area for a while now, and Facebook’s faulty metrics may have given them an inaccurate picture of their video audiences.

But the issue is perhaps even more serious for marketers, who may have had erroneous information about the performance of video advertising they have purchased from Facebook. Moreover, they may have to reassess their buying decisions on the different online video platforms. How the news affects the relationship between advertisers and Facebook remains to be seen.

Moreover, there will likely be more calls for Facebook, and other platforms that publish video, to be more transparent about their audience measurement methodologies, and to allow third party verification on their platforms.


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Teemu Henriksson


2016-09-23 12:19

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