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Paywalls giving way to "data walls" and membership models

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Paywalls giving way to "data walls" and membership models

This blog post by Peter Richardson, chief revenue office of Piano, looks into the evolution of paywalls, providing context for news publishers’ current attempts to boost their online audiences as a revenue source.

The first versions of the so-called paywalls were “blunt instruments”, but since then, publishers have been working on less harsh strategies. One current trend is the “data wall”, the idea that in exchange for access to content, readers provide some information about themselves, such as email address.

Moreover, membership packages are clearly on the rise. What a “membership” means in practice can vary greatly between publishers, but the common idea is providing “additional benefits that user gets in addition to access to content”.

Finally, email newsletters are having a renaissance of sorts, as newsletter subscribers appear to be more closely engaged with the publication than an average reader.


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Teemu Henriksson


2016-09-06 12:38

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The news publishing industry is experiencing transformation at an ever-growing pace, with new policy issues arising as the landscape changes.

We will be examining policy discussions that will define the news publishing environment of the future, the key topics being internet governance, privacy and copyright. Click here to learn more about our work.

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