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Digital video: the new battleground for tech giants?

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Digital video: the new battleground for tech giants?

Amazon announced that it will launch an online video service called Amazon Video Direct. The new service seems more or less a direct competitor of YouTube: it allows individuals and corporate partners to upload video to it and use various inbuilt options for revenue-generation.

In a sense, this is an extension of Amazon’s already existing video ambitions: through Amazon Prime, it is already competing with other video producers such as Netflix and HBO. In fact, as Mathew Ingram at Fortune points out, the biggest tech companies seem to be entering into a fierce competition over online video distribution as a consequence of their increased attention in this area.

Another company that hasn’t been coy about its interest in video is Facebook, which pays media companies to use Facebook Live, at tool for streaming live video from a smartphone. New York Times is a participating news publisher, and spoke recently about the experience so far, highlighting for example the interactive form of the live format.

As Facebook aligns itself more strongly as a partner for the news media, its influence on what news coverage is included has been in the headlines lately. Peter Kafka at Recode argues that as news publishers are accommodating to Facebook’s ideas of what content works best on the platform, Facebook’s focus on video is already having an effect on what news content they produce.

The general push for online video is largely a reflection of the fact that video advertising is seen as an attractive alternative to display ads, and publishers are accordingly starting to make a noise about their digital video audiences – even if the used metrics come with their own problems.

As the biggest tech companies drill in on online video, the competition between the different services is likely to have a vast effect in defining the news media’s video distribution platforms of the future.


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Teemu Henriksson


2016-05-12 12:57

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