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Anjali Kapoor: Know your audience, and the right content to share

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Anjali Kapoor: Know your audience, and the right content to share

Speaking at the Digital Media Asia 2015 about “mobile moments,”  Kapoor said news delivery via gadgets should be aware of the location of the readers and the content that would attract them.  

She pointed out that news publishers have to know what sort of content is relevant to audience living in different time zones. They should make sure the content is tailored to their readership that would read the news from their smartphones after waking up at 6 in the “mobile morning,” said Kapoor.

 “Although mobile push notifications often are not consumed real time, but later in the day,” she said, readers would read the content once they are available. It is therefore important to let them know what kind of content it is: either it is a photo story, video, or a piece of longform, she said.

Regarding to the content strategy, Kappor remarked that longform stories are no longer interesting to readers. Apart from producing digital video for the content, she cited Bloomberg as an example, and said data journalism can be a trend to follow; for news, “sometimes some data, with a chart and four to five paragraphs will do,” and to allow people to have a different point of view when it comes to a story.  

As digital can explain complex concepts and make news simpler to consume, according to Kappor, it is good to make a complex story “graphic, having a blend with of arresting visuals, graphic, videos, and movement in the story, as well as in the start screen of the app or website.

Newsroom has talked about mobile first for years, she added, but publishers need to think about “mobile social” differently, as readers want smart, fast commentary, while the it can be the context itself.  

 Journalism, at the end of the day, need to speak with line plaforms, social media, and other publishing world, and learn how to tell stories differently to different audience, Kappor suggested, along with five top priorities for content producers to survive at this “mobile moment”: mobile, start screen, digital video, social sharing and to know your audience.  


Féliks Cheang


2015-11-19 17:40

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