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Lineup puts spotlight on successful customer cases

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Lineup puts spotlight on successful customer cases

“We find value in showing what we've achieved with our customers in the past year. So, Lineup, our product AdPoint, it's a CRM system, it's lead generation, it's booking, it's analytics – we pull all this together and we have real cases where we have improved sales, where we've improved efficiency and had some real ROI benefits.

“We take Expo as our opportunity to share them with other customers to say 'This is where you can find value in our product,' Mendoza continues. “Things like: We've added the ability to have competitor information in AdPoint and run lead-generation over the top. So, I can say 'Tell me all of my customers that have spent more money with my competitor than me in the last six days trending,' and make a lead for the sales rep to call them and try to win back some of this business. It's all of these types of things that we show in the right context to really give value to our customers.”

Each customer does something special, he adds. For example, “Time Inc. went live with all of our booking channels on all of the print and digital channels. They also wanted to use our CRM inserted inside of the Salesforce environment to create a seamless Salesforce-AdPoint environment, where nobody had any idea which system they were in, it seemed like one system, but that wasn't the ROI. The ROI was that we were finally able to sell packages. We were finally able to do all media channels, all together and make sure that every sales rep could cross all of their media brands.”

As another example, he notes that Kent Messenger Group, a regional publisher in the U.K., has used AdPoint to empower their sales reps to go out on customer sales calls with their mobile phone and quickly and easily close a six-week or 32-week package. “On the one hand, they want to empower their reps with tools like their mobile phone,” Mendoza says. “On the other hand, they don't want to burden them with a big, sales administration challenge. So, 2-3 clicks, five seconds, I've just booked a 26-week campaign for X pounds. It is a huge difference in their business. Their increase in sales is real and we are sharing that with our other customers and showing them how they can do similar things.”

Further examples include News Corp's self-service sites, and more recently, the Toronto Star in Canada. In addition, Mendoza says “Gannett is doing all of their financial systems with us now. We are best of breed across these areas and we are finding success with our customers in these areas.”

He adds that Expo is off to a good start for Lineup. “We were full all day,” he told us Monday afternoon. “Ultimately, we're trying to close more business, but we're also trying to communicate what is it that we are doing that can help prospective customers even if they are not going to use our system for the next few weeks, months, years to take some of those learnings and help their business so they can get some strength back, which is good for everybody.”


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2015-10-06 13:45

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