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Hyperlocal visual and interactive audio news

“Loyal locals: Urban hyperlocal news” is an exploration of ultra-low power, paper-like contrast screens being fed hyperlocal news in the urban environment. The brainchild of Mathias Løkke Madsen of Aarhus University, Denmark it features a screen that, being reflective, is actually brighter when in sunlight and which, allied to a small solar cell, gives effectively endless power-up capability. WAP messages from media partner Nordjyske Medier of Denmark will send news to a precise street-corner or poster site in an experiment into precisely targeted local news delivery.


Also from Arhus University are twins Søren and Kasper Bruus Frank who obligingly speak in stereo for a moment as they demonstrate the potential of Amazon Echo as a voice-activated news provider.

Søren and Kasper Bruus FrankSøren and Kasper Bruus Frank

The News Butler delivers normal newswire style headlines on command but the project entails the ability to drill down into items of interest, asking for more detail, or more related information – imagine a car radio you can question as you drive.


Both are experimental projects from the reliably thought-provoking Stibo Accelerator (#stiboaccelerator) which continues to probe the last possibilities in news with an enthusiasm to match the student experimenters.



Steve Shipside


2015-10-06 15:09

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