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New ways to spark off digital innovation

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World News Publishing Focus
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New ways to spark off digital innovation

Hamburg, 28. September 2015: Many of the leading media companies are located in Hamburg. To name a few: Der Spiegel, Die Zeit, Stern, Axel Springer Verlag, Bauer Media Group or Gruner + Jahr have their headquarters in Hamburg. 25.000 people are employed in the print media sector, 6.000 of them working as journalists and editors. Equally important, Hamburg is also leading in the area of game development, a sector that employs around 4000 people. Next to local media and game companies, also global players, such as Google, Facebook or Twitter, have located their German head offices in Hamburg.

Though being a very strong sector, the traditional print media has been challenged throughout the past years by the ongoing process of digitalization. This is primarily caused by new technological developments which lead to an overall change in the consumption of news: These days news have to be available digital, anytime, anywhere and often for free. Therefore traditional media outlets need to develop new business models and new streams of revenue sources.

This is where the city's initiative nextMedia.Hamburg comes into the picture. In order to help with the digital transformation process in the local media landscape, the city of Hamburg established the initiative nextMedia.Hamburg in the beginning of 2014. And because innovation these days does not spark off within big companies but very often comes from young and innovative start-ups, the latter is a second focus point of the initiative.

nextMedia.StartHub concentrates on digital start-ups and has identified three basic tenets: to provide service and support to start-ups (i.e. open office hours and start-up workshops), supporting the local start-up ecosystem with projects and by building platforms and enabling visibility: to the city of Hamburg as a start-up hub and to local start-ups.

An insight view into Hamburg’s innovative start-up landscape can be gained live at the World Publishing Expo, where nextMedia.Hamburg is promoting six start-ups to exhibit their business ideas at different times during the three day long exhibition:

Monday morning: Jan Becker and Sven Casimir from “Heute in Hamburg”

“Heute in Hamburg” is the “the first personal freetime guide” through which the company searches and optimizes content for the user. The content is distributed on a daily basis and the user can like, dislike or skip the content. Based on this feedback they will get even better personal tips in the future.


Monday afternoon: Matthias Heußner and Sven Keil from “HQLabs”

HQ Simplified Business is a modern, flexible and modular software covering business processes from the very first customer request right up to the delivery. By merging the business process into one modern application, overhead and interfaces will be reduced. While this previously required enormous upfront investments, HQ Simplified Business enables users to adopt module by module and thereby reduces risk and capital requirements.
Tuesday morning: Christoph Kappes and Oliver Köster from “Sobooks”
“Sobooks” is a state-of-the-art platform for paid content where users can read, buy and discuss content in any length and genre, mainly bestselling ebooks. The system consists of several components which can be integrated in other digital environments such as portals and blogs. The system shows reading activity in realtime and can therefore show reading habits and best buzzing books even through ones social graph.
Tuesday afternoon: Thorsten Hoege and Dieter Degler  from “Pocketstory”

On the best high-quality texts from German magazines, newspapers and books are available. The company sells major reports, strong essays, dossiers, book chapters - each article has to be paid, starting from 0,39 Euro. With one click the user can buy texts: On the train, in the waiting room or on the couch. The goal is to become the largest paid-content platform for the distribution of individual texts in Germany with a strong focus on mobile.
Wednesday morning: Michael Fisher and Thomas Tankiewicz from “eBooks in Motion”

“eBooks in Motion” extends the reach of e-learning content beyond web-based training and other forms of online education. Automated technology re-packages multimedia-rich content that can be consumed on smartphones and tablets - without a network connection. The goal of the company is to make learning possible anywhere – anytime.
Wednesday afternoon: Pino Almeida and Sven Claar from “”

“” is Europe’s new marketplace for webvideo. Webvideos and user generated contents are the most popular way to spread news, stories, entertainment and service topics in all modern digital and social channels. In the age of YouTube and Facebook, most people are unable to keep track of the millions of videos, that are uploaded each day. “” licenses and protects fresh video material and UGC content, offers editorial services und provides publishers with an easy, transparent and save place for finding and purchasing new webvideos.

For more information on nextMedia.Hamburg and the StartHub visit:




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