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Ekstra Bladet: forget Print vs Digital, now it’s Paid vs Free

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Ekstra Bladet: forget Print vs Digital, now it’s Paid vs Free

“3 years ago we realised that even if we had the best revenue ever we would be out of business in 7-10 years” Poul Madsen, Editor-in-chief, Ekstra Bladet speaking at #DME15.

With print declining at a rate of 13% per year, Ekstra Bladet had one key strength: via their web properties they were in contact with 81% of Danes.

The challenge was to start converting a small percentage of these to a paid digital product. The new product EKSTRA is pitched at a low price to reflect this: €4 per month compared to €3 per day for a newspaper.

EKSTRA Challenge: Double the paying customer base in 2015.

With a goal of 50,000 paid subscriptions by the end of 2015, Madsen is determined to push volume above price until 2017, when the market may be more receptive to price changes.

Importantly the focus is not on how much users are paying, but are they paying or not? So there is a Head of Paid, which includes the paper and EKSTRA. And there is a Head of Free, and a Head of TV.

But paid content is still new and it’s quite complex to manage the customer relationship and see what works best. Despite extensive info sharing among conteinental European publishers, approaches different. Ekstra Bladet, for example, is keen to enable an on-off relationship. With an average “customer lifetime“of 10.2 months, they expect they might lose some within 2 months but they come back.

Luckily for us, Madsen sums it up in one sentence “Keep calm, volume before revenue, make mistakes fast, quality not quantity, stay true to your DNA. “

Read more in our in depth interview with Madsen here. 


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2015-04-20 17:12

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