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Denmark's Thoughts for the Future: Speak to the Youth

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Denmark's Thoughts for the Future: Speak to the Youth

When your job involves finding ways to change the world, the daily trek to the office isn’t so bad. Or so says Kim Svendsen, Director of Stibo Accelerator.

Stibo Accelerator is a Denmark-based company committed to bringing about digital initiatives, business models and ways of information sharing, which are ahead of the curve.

One of the grounding principles of the project is to push boundaries. “The traditional way to do innovation is to do things better,” says Svendsen. “But we want to bring about radical innovation.”

The company aims to achieve this by working closely with young people who have been raised while the digital landscape has developed. This, the company believes, offers invaluable insight from those who know the digital world almost instinctually.

“Usually people study, then they take a break, then they continue study. But we like to bridge that gap and allow students in that three- to six-months a year when they have time available,” says Svendsen.

To avoid this approach becoming too academic and classroom-based, Stibo pairs them with media professionals who can mentor them in the realities of the media industry.

This is just one way Stibo Accelerator aims to bridge the gap between the established and the new.

“I like to hook them up with people in the media, and have them mentored through the process,” Svendsen notes. “[That way] they are able to try out their ideas in the real world.”

The project is designed so that those involved are encouraged to try out initiatives, but that it’s okay to fail. “Some of these ideas may pay off, they may not. If they don’t pay off at least we’ve learnt something,” says Svendsen.


Calum Stuart


2014-11-20 07:17

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