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The Online Juggling Act: Content vs. Audience Engagement

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The Online Juggling Act: Content vs. Audience Engagement

If you want to generate more people coming back to your website, Fai-Keung Ng, Group Country Manager, SE Asia of AT Internet has some advice: “Content is the king, but we need to focus on the usability and performance”

Kicking off day two of the DMA Conference in Singapore, Ng explains that focus on the usability of a website can not only generate greater numbers, but also create a user loyalty where viewers continue come back. “We have a different view on how you should chase for traffic; you should chase for visitor loyalty. Focus on content, but also place emphasis on usability and performance to generate that loyalty,” says Ng.

“User behaviour data is a goldmine. We were involved with an online trailer site in France, and we found people were very interested in this site’s content. So when we placed a post-roll trailer [to auto-play] after the original trailer we saw a 20% increase in the videos viewed. The trailer was connected to the original trailer too, so if the first was an action trailer, we’d play another action trailer after it.”

While this might seem like plain logic, Ng notes that there are many caveats and variables one must consider. Audience targeting, for example, can yield mixed results: “Be very careful about targeting your editorial policy.”

Pandering to the market to generate a consumer base is a tried & tested advertising tool, but the online world can often be unpredictable and unforgiving to this method.

‘Targeting: can bring in the numbers in the short term, but not in the long term. You start to produce unhelpful information, and worse than that, you could start to lose your [online] identity,” says Ng.


Calum Stuart


2014-11-19 05:29

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