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The Newsroom in your pocket

“Your smartphone is your newsroom”, says Robb Montgomery, CEO of Montgomery Multimedia.

He believes that developments in technology mean the future of news is set to be dominated by a new style of reporting. And this is what will allow news production a far greater reach and flexibility.

“I think we need to be far more refined in what mobile journalism does, and who does what,” Montgomery says.

Montgomery show-cased the equipment he had recently used to create a video piece covering the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall; this is set to become standard kit for a mobile video journalist. All of it is made up of items which are sold on the high street; an iPhone 6, a minature rig which allows phones to be mounted on tripods, a cheap mic. The costs (other than the iPhone) come to less than USD100.   

Montgomery went onto demonstrate a new style of reporting; a hybrid article which combines video with writing, allowing the audience to read through the piece as a whole. This, Montgomary says, gives not just extra dimensions to the piece, but also the ability to create a newsroom on-the-spot, wherever the reporter is: “This is going to disrupt everything we [journalists] do. This is an entirely new experience – not only consumed entirely on mobile, but created entirely on mobile.

“What is the best way to tell my story? Well, now you’re going to have to realise the best way to tell your story is not by just writing 500 words about it.”

Montgomery believes an amalgamation of different multimedia styles will form the backbone of future storytelling, shared widely on mobile formats. “My advice for apps is: get organised. This is for written, this is for video, and this is for sharing.”

Montgomery emphasises this will be more and more prominent in news production the world over, and editors should start to embrace these changes as soon as possible: “We have to undo our previous assumptions. Thinking newsrooms understand this, and they do this consistently.”


Calum Stuart


2014-11-18 17:42

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