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Advertising Hackathon: A participant's impressions

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Advertising Hackathon: A participant's impressions

By Taylor Northcutt

Within the first portion of the Advertising Hackathon, I found myself a member of one of the advertising teams and immediately discussion began. As an advertising graduate from Western Kentucky University, I discovered I was undoubtedly in my element.

The most impressive part of the Advertising Hackathon was the ability for the teams to not only talk about the development of ideas, but also produce applicable solutions – all within a matter of hours.

As an American, I was intrigued at both the commonalities between ideas from different countries and the creativity that filled the hotel conference room.

iNeed, created by my teammates and me, is an app that hypothetically partners with news media to serve the needs of subscribers through targeting their specific interests by utilising location-based advertising.

Towards the end of the weekend, I was asked to serve as presenter for my advertising team. Despite being nervous to speak in front of a group of media executives and advertisers, I was excited to fulfill such a role.

Seeing my team develop an application while observing the skill and talent of other teams broadened my aspirations for a future career in advertising and media. 


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2014-06-09 06:59

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