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Native advertising and the New York Times

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Native advertising and the New York Times

When the New York Times came up with a new web design earlier this year, it also delved into the world of native advertising which is pretty much another way of describing sponsored content.

Speaking at Publish Asia 2014, the NYT’s regional advertising manager for Asia Michelle Haase spoke about the merits of this new form of advertising which is often said to be one of the most promising online advertising formats for content producers.

The problem lies in the grey area. When does sponsored content compromise a news organisation’s integrity and editorial balance?

Haase said it is vital not to compromise credibility and stressed that the difference between paid content and news is always made obvious to NYT consumers.

Among the many editorial regulations, she said, the NYT follows these three basic rules when it comes to native advertising:

1)      Tell the truth

2)      Importance of transparency is equal to importance of quality

3)      Add value to the conversation

Native advertising allows advertisers to show their content and use the news company’s creative tools and capabilities as well.

She said this form of advertising “provides a canvas for the brand” and the paid post “lives in the NYT CMS.” It remains evergreen and includes embedded share tools as well.

However, when it comes to transposing such content on the mobile platform, some alterations must be done. It is critical as mobile views have surpassed web views in many areas.

In conclusion, she said this model of advertising provides a better business model  and a new revenue stream for publishers and  the consumers get what they want – rich content.


Satish Cheney


2014-04-24 07:05

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