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Keynote Address

Mr Pichai Chuensuksawadi, Editor-in-Chief, Bangkok Post, Thailand, discussed the co-existence of print with other media platforms. He stated that there is always a comparison between what is happening in the West and Asia-Pacific. Surprisingly the newspaper’s circulation is going down in the West & booming in the Asia-Pacific. With India-China’s trade relations strengthening in coming years newspapers will grow. Several media platforms coming into play and people’s changing news viewing habits, has made it important for newspapers to understand their stand. He discussed their 10 year journey from 2001 to 2011 as to how they developed from a single newspaper, Bangkok Post, to three newspapers and their venture into the Television industry.

Acknowledging the evolution of new media platforms and their revenue shares he said, “Newspapers will remain the heart and soul of what we do. It is our responsibility to find out what readers want and at the same time to bring about organisation change, a change within the newspaper.” The thought process which went into the change emerged from a holiday at the beautiful Krabi beaches. The Post set some goals; they wanted to develop new markets and audience both at the national and international level through digital and electronic media. They wanted the company to be more flexible in adapting to new platforms. Mr Chuensuksawadi emphasised that we can and should use all available and profitable platforms. At the same time the staff involvement in any kind of change of the organisation is vital.

The Post also ventured into television but failed. Mr Chuensuksawadi said, “It gave us insights into the media which was alien to us. In future if we venture into TV it will be a well thought out initiative.” He further elaborated what are the pre-requisites of change. It requires clear goal, involvement of the staff, commitment against resistance, tough decisions and right people with right mind set. In his experience, change never ends and unless you change internally you can never achieve your goals. Although change will continue, the traditional newspaper will remain to be the heart and soul of the organisation. He concluded saying, “We can not only co-exist with other platforms but also we can embrace them. By doing so we can emerge out to be the best and bring out true journalism for the readers.”


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2012-09-26 08:06

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