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How does 'Mint', a Indian business newspaper use Social Media?

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How does 'Mint', a Indian business newspaper use Social Media?

R. Sukumar, Editor, Mint, a India business newspaper was the second spacer at the morning session of the Newsroom Summit on Day One.

Sukumar observed that Indian newspapers don't charge cost price so they seek monies from advertising. In the large rural market, vernacular newspapers charge more than English newspapers. And the progression in India is from vernacular to English. There is opportunity here.

Sukumar then focussed on his ' Mint ' experience.

"My audience is entirely digital.  We look at  ourselves as an integrated newsroom. We break news first, that is take one. Take 2 goes out with some news analysis. One hour later, we put up an opinion piece. Later, we ask - now what for print?"

Sukumar said that in the case of the an integrated newsroom there are three points to keep in mind - tap technology, adapt processes and change the behavior of team.

Sukumar said reasons for using digital was because latency is down, media habits have changed and social media is a key part of it.

He talked about how Mint uses Twitter - reporters tweet from an official account. Its also tap the multipliers among editors who have large following; and they retweet.

Frame and follow a social media policy, he advised. "Ours has evolved over time and our team must follow it," Sukumar said.

Sukumar also said his team used 'Cover It Live' stream to cover the big events besides Storify and Pinterest.

How has social media helped Mint?

It helps to create a brand.

"We are small in size but use social media effectively and engage with readers, " he said.

Finally, Sukumar shared what he said were two basic truths to share -

First, know who you are.

Second, have great journalism policies/practices.


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