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How does automation help to optimize operational costs

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How does automation help to optimize operational costs

Roy started by saying, “If you are going to automate, you have to go from one end to the other. You should know its journey from start to end.” He listed the advantages of automation. Automation reduces bottlenecks, helps in capacity maximization, reduces waste, improves productivity and provides consistency. It leads to creation of sustainable excellence.

He said, “There are key automation levers. It is very important for the technical team who takes the ownership of a project takes it for the entire life of the project.” Demand forecast is a prerequisite of automation. The organisation must know the growth potential of the organisation and keep in mind the competition in the market.

Roy then talked about the various types of return of investment (ROI) in automation. In direct and immediate ROI and Indirect but life enhancement ROI two types. He then discussed about the Dynamic UPS system. He said, “With dynamic UPS system we can work without any break owing to power failure. With push of a button printing can continue. This results in substantial savings.”

For the effects of automation he said, “Automation substantially increases productivity, work force has come down, provides with standard products and reduces newspaper wastage.”

He concluded saying, “Automation gives you just clean & clear, evenly inked copy every time.”


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