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Make your CMS work for you

What do you do when your production costs are high and your income from web ad revenue is low? You rethink how you do things.

Henriksen says they streamlined their production processes, developed a common article base and let the content dictate the platform.

They also automated the front page to make it easy for journalists to use and changed the layout to increase traffic. For example, they put more video on the front page.

A big change was in the placement of ads. Henriksen says success is measured in clicks: ads on the front page climbed as high as 33 per cent. For a section like sports, ads within articles were up 140 per cent.

So what tool did they use? Henriksen says they made it themselves. Labrador is easy to use, he says, because it’s “made by reporters for reporters.” It’s a CMS that mirrors what appears on the web.

Henriksen has a three-step list for success:

  • Get a simple, user-friendly CMS.
  • Design changes based on user behaviour.
  • Have the will: management, employees must share common goals.

Henriksen says they plan to develop Labrador further, improve production processes, further integration and work on a “multi-channel mindset.”

He sees the future in mobile devices. But to make money, he says it’s important to exploit the pecularities of each platform.

“So you can have the same content presented in different ways.”


>> View Henriksen's presentation on Slideshare


Terra Tailleur


2012-09-05 11:48

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