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Social, video, mobile: just the facts (and figures)

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Social, video, mobile: just the facts (and figures)

What is absolutely clear, she says, is that the World Wide Web is indeed worldwide: in 1996, two-thirds of the world’s Internet population was in the United States; today the largest region is Asia with more than 40 percent compared to the USA at only 13 percent. Europe has an audience of 26.4 percent.

And in Europe, it’s not just the audience that is growing, it’s the amount of time users are spending online: 384 million Europeans go online for 29.8 hours per month. Much of the growth in Europe is being driven in Russia, where Khandurova is Business Development Director for comScore.

And as broadband penetration spreads throughout the world, access to the Internet and usage will continue to boom, she says, only increasing the importance of social, video and mobile.

Social networking

Social usage is nearly ubiquitous, she says. “It is impacting geopolitics, US politics, retail, marketing and consumer behaviour. It’s growing and it will only continue to grow,” she says.

  • A look at 43 markets across the globe shows that 9 out of 10 users are engaged in social networking. “It is redefining how we behave, such as email, with usage way down.”
  • Social media accounts for 18 percent of all time spent online globally.
  • For most of the world, Facebook is still the most engaged network.


Video is not only increasing, people are watching it longer and sharing it as well, i.e. it’s engaging and social.

  • 1.2 billion people worldwide watched an average of 18 hours each of online video in February. Nearly 53 million Russians watch video online.
  • Total videos viewed increased 20 percent in Spain in 12 months.


If social and video are taking off, mobile is blasting off.

  • 42 percent penetration in Europe compared to 39 percent in the USA.
  • In the UK, there are 26 million smartphone users, an increase of 50 percent year on year.
  • 10.5 percent of all traffic in the UK comes from non-computer devices.

You may download Ms Khadurova's presentation on slideshare.


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