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DIE ZEIT: role model for print success

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DIE ZEIT: role model for print success

In the last eight years alone, he said DIE ZEIT is the only newspaper in Germany that increased its print circulation by 20 percent. It more than doubled its revenues in that time. Today, DIE ZEIT is indeed one of the top newspapers in Germany in terms of quality, circulation and profits.

Esser was quick to credit a dramatic redesign of the newspaper, led by Mario Garcia. “On one hand, with the new concept we stick to our traditional strengths of featuring great content about literature and politics, for example, while adding elements that will attract young readers.”

The keys to success have been:

  • To constantly innovate and improve as if always in a crisis.
  • Winning and keeping the best and most diverse staff. Its editorial staff includes employees who are aged 20 to 90, from all over the world. “Germany is now a very diverse country and we have to have a diverse editorial staff to reach that diverse audience. What is most important for our staff is that they are very well educated, very curious and very passionate.”
  • Steadily improving layout and editorial design.
  • Constantly staying in touch with young readers. The paper has created a number of niche publications for youth from ages 4-8, 7-12, 9-13, 14-18 and 18+. Many of those publications are educational products, books, newsletters, social media, magazines, etc. They have also created events to help educate youth.
  • Constantly staying in touch with advertising clients: “We don’t sell advertising, we sell solutions,” Esser said. Fashion has become one of biggest trends in print advertising and with its ZEIT Magazine, there are a number of special editions that draw major advertising clients, and more...

You may download Dr Esser's presentation on slideshare.


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