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Around the World in 60 Minutes: Scandinavia and the Nordics

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Around the World in 60 Minutes: Scandinavia and the Nordics

Brunegard says developments in the region include:

  • Declining circulation
  • Publishers reaching more than 70 percent of the population in some countries
  • Growth in digital
  • Different types of paywalls, different ways of charging for news
  • A stable advertising market, loss in print but TV/Internet is growing
  • Internet ad share will pass newspapers this year
  • Paid content is still relatively new to the scene
  • Rapid growth in mobile penetration and advertising markets, and
  • Rapid growth in social networks

In fact, it is SoLoMo (social local mobile) that is driving much of the development. “The backbone of the Scandinavian newspaper market is local newspapers,” Brunegard says. “Location-based technology helps us to exploit our local knowledge. But the growth of mobile offers us an incredible opportunity. What we have learned from the Internet years ago, where we failed in many cases, is that we should be able to take advantage of these very personal devices with our very strong brands. I hope that we are the right place in time, with the right content and on the right platforms.”

In a mobile forecast study, he points to the trend line in which mobile penetration reaches that of the global population in the near future.


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2012-09-03 19:09

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