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Insight to Ukraine

Ukraine’s current image in the international media is a balance of positive and negative, depending on the subjects (usually politics, economy and football).

Research and analysis commissioned from within the Ukraine suggests that negative information and stereotypical images published by the media, is often eliminated the moment journalists and tourists visit the country.

It is a harder situation in the business world due to Ukraine’s investment rating. According to credit rating agency Standard and Poor’s, Ukraine carries a B+ “speculative” rating – which means investments into the country carry a risk premium. Other measures affecting its investment image are high corruption levels, risks related to investor security, difficulties in conducting business, economic conditions and a poor perception of democracy. Business believes a concerted internal effort is needed to bring about improvements.

Nonetheless, the country marketers believe the 64th World Congress of Newspaper Publishers and the 19th World Editors Forum to be held in September, 2-5 in Kiev, will give the Ukrainians a great chance to improve the country’s image in the eyes of the international community.


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2012-08-09 22:20

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