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The romance of the newsroom – only in Hollywood?

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The romance of the newsroom – only in Hollywood?

But it could not compare with The Newsroom - the new HBO series from the pen of Aaron Sorkin. Or the newsroom of the Baltimore Sun in series 5 of The Wire.

Nobody was running around demanding "react quotes" (The Wire) or berating each other as "unprofessional" or even "more than unprofessional" (The Newsroom). Nobody gave any big speeches about the true role of journalism and the responsiblities of the press. 

When we asked how one story came to be online and not in print, George simply invited the editor to talk to us - and the explanation sounded very reasonable.

To be honest, we were being old fashioned by visiting in person. Back in 2010, WAN-IFRA predicted the virtual newsroom by 2015, on "the day when the journalist's phone will be his office" (arguably today). The "hub-and-spoke" design at the Telegraph might have come from WAN-IFRA, but the whole concept of the 'Newsplex' is now much more focused on technology and integration. One day it might be impossible to visit a physical newsroom.

Television and film (lest we forget the 1996 Canadian version of The Newsroom) seem to have launched into nostalgia mode - moral bulwarks fighting against the negative changes: reductions in journalists, increases in celebrity news and gadget announcements, partisan 24 hour news on cable etc.

All valid points which make me think: our digital media team's focus on socially mediated news, the willingness of readers to pay for digital content, location specific mobile platforms, personalisation and the massively increased global reach of the big players - that's just science fiction, right?

(if interested in sci-fi join us for our US study tour)

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Nick Tjaardstra


2012-07-06 11:33

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