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New York: One night and two Dailies

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New York: One night and two Dailies

I'll be honest, I missed the moment the two Presidents arrived, insulated by the fortress like walls of 4 New York Plaza. I also missed their arrival at the New Amsterdam theatre pictured here, and just round the corner from the New York Times.

Fun as it may have been to see the very different Presidents on the stage together, it was equally fascinating to meet with two very different but equally famous old newspapers in the same day. One is a national broadsheet that sounds like a city paper, and the other a city paper that is sounds like a national. One has a brash old fashioned headline grabbing frontpage (on all platforms). The other opts for a sophisticated low key approach with breadth and depth. Naturally one also has five times the staff as the other (guess which).

Their digital output reflects this, and the surprise is how the simplest approach can still be very powerful. The iPad edition of the Daily News costs just $1.99 per month and (for the moment at least) is simply a facsimile of the printed edition, much like The Sun in the UK. So you save on the 75 cent daily cost of the printed edition and get the same page turning experience.

It would be tough to squeeze a replica of the New York Times printed edition on the iPad but their own app has also been very successful with a very different model to their online meter: i.e. getting headline stories free and subscribing for other content sections (sport etc).

Both papers will have a host of developments launching in the next month or so, and it will be interesting to see how their digital products develop.


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Nick Tjaardstra


2012-06-04 15:56

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