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Spotify: find what people love and do it well

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Spotify: find what people love and do it well

“We have a maniacal focus on the time between you click play, and when the song plays,” Maples said. The time delay is just 0.3 seconds, and he emphasized the importance of this to Spotify’s business. In today’s digital world, as soon as something jars, the user will go elsewhere.

“We have moved from a world of ownership to a world of access,” said Maples; but it has to be instant access.

Spotify now has 16 million songs accessible through its service, it is now the second largest source of digital revenue for record labels, and the average user spends more than 90 minutes a day using the service.

In 2011 Spotify allowed users to sync with iTunes, merging their purchased music with streamed music, and people came to realize that there was little difference between the two, Maples said.

Spotify integrated with Facebook in September 2011 and has since then added 8 million users, Maples said. In the three months following the integration, users created 500 million playlists, double the number that were created before.

More recently, Spotify realized that it could become the universal ‘play button’ for the web and has created a widget that publishers and other media owners can use to embed playlists on their site.

The company has also made its platform open so that others can build apps from it to offer services such as music reviews, gig lists or concert tickets, and it promotes these apps within its software.

Spotify itself, however, will continue to focus on what it does best - providing free music fast - because the team are aware that “we are only ever one click away from going out of business,” Maples concluded.


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2012-04-18 17:35

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