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Lessons learned from games

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Lessons learned from games

That message might not have been immediately crystal clear to the average newspaper “Joe” listening to Alex Dale describe how gaming -- and the company he works for, -- has taken off on social media and mobile, but many of gaming’s basic principles should hit home for the news industry.

Mr Dale is Chief Marketing Officer of, a game that was a well-established player on the Internet before Facebook came along. But the success of social games and especially casual games presented the company with a stiff challenge.

But first he laid out the major recent trends for games that have hit the mainstream:

  1. The advent of physical games such as Kinect and Wii.
  2. The growth of smartphones.
  3. Tablets emerging as a key platform.
  4. The rise of freemium models.
  5. Facebook. Mr Dale says the growth of Facebook has brought in millions of new players to the market, particularly “accidental gamers”. launched in 2004 and quickly attracted roughly 12 million monthly unique users. Its games featured many social media elements all along, but its initial tests on Facebook were not panning out.

Over time the company refined its games, particularly realising that on Facebook users didn’t want to compete as much as relax, thus it launched its Saga series and watched ratings on Facebook jump from 46 to No. 2.


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2012-04-18 18:00

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