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RBS’s dynamic digital transformation

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RBS’s dynamic digital transformation

Melzer, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President, highlighted RBS’ aggressive transformation and expansion towards digital.

“It is a fantastic time to be in Brazil and it is an incredibly fantastic time to be a media company in Brazil,” says Melzer. “Despite our supposed comfortable position in the market, we are well aware of all the changes in consumer behaviour around the world and here in Brazil. So, we are not just waiting, we are acting.”

RBS owns TV stations, radio, is the second-largest newspaper publisher in Brazil, but has expanded its activities to become a true multimedia player on the continent and even abroad.

The company restructured three years ago creating three clear divisions: media & communications, digital (web and mobile), and education. Crucially, the company decided to make its digital division a completely separate entity, “a real pure play digital company with no connections to our traditional media business.”

“We think that the digital transposition of traditional business is NOT enough for our customers nor for our overall business,” says Melzer.

Melzer was clear on the distinction between the traditional media business and the digital pure play: “There is no incentive for them to collaborate. We think the traditional media business has to find its way and figure out its future, while the digital entity clearly needs to establish its business and gain a good financial footing.”
The latter already has a firm foundation bringing in 10 percent of the group’s overall revenues. “At the rate it is increasing, we feel like it will not be long before it represents 45 percent of our revenues.”

At the heart of everything RBS does, the human element plays a central role. “When I am asked what is the key to our success, I list 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 as people, people, people, people, people. That is my passion for this company.”

With that said, he said technology has and will continue to play a major role in their activities. As part of a big investment strategy, the company invested in an initiative called Tecnopuc, a technical hub in Porto Alegre that involves a number of the major tech companies in the world: Microsoft, Dell, HP, etc. The company has an entire floor of the building at the hub dedicated to creating digital products to help its tradition media business transition to digital.



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