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Panel: M&As amid market chaos

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Panel: M&As amid market chaos

“That is good but that means the other 60 percent are not intensively working on a possible critical revenue stream in the next years,” said Gregor Waller of Frenemies Consulting who moderated a panel discussion on “M&A amid online market chaos.”

Waller (seated left in the photo) was joined by Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer (centre), COO and Executive Vice President in charge of M&A activities for Grupo RBS in Brazil, and Dominique Vidal (right), who is a Partner for Index Ventures which invests in startups and “growth equity” companies.

For context going into the discussion, Waller explained how in 10 years time most newspaper publishers will face a significant gap in revenues if they just stay the course.

Digital advertising revenues will increase in that time for sure and make up one pillar of that gap. Publishers are experimenting with paid content as second pillar, but it is difficult to say how this will unfold down the road. That is why Waller says the third pillar, M&As, are critical for possible new revenue streams.

When thinking about M&As in today’s volatile market situation, what are some of the key issues to consider?

Vidal’s advice: As you move into online, make sure you have people in place who are actually looking at your business closely and what is going around you. That way you are in a better position to decide if it is best to acquire a new business or do it yourself. … Some companies are buying companies, others are great at integration, others are doing it good themselves. You have to understand what type of company you are and what your strengths are to move forward in this respect. On a simplistic level, you have to know if it is a good fit with your overall strategy.”

Melzer agress that you have to be pragmatic. “You always have to balance the proposition. You have to let your operations people do their jobs, focusing on the daily business. Of course you might have to invest in new people with different backgrounds and experiences, but you also have to have the effort internally, be it the CFO being behind the idea, myself, and others.”

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