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When even the tee times go global

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When even the tee times go global

For some, the first hint that the Guardian was courting American readers could be seen in their extensive coverage of the Republican primaries in the US. But their recent live blog of the second day of the US Masters golf in Augusta, Georgia was slightly more revealing: they started showing the tee times in Eastern Standard Time (EST) as well as British Standard Time (BST).

Candid, as ever, Scott Murray presented "today's tee times, rendered both in British, and now that we're shamelessly hawking ourselves to the States, all-singing all-dancing local time too!

Indeed, it's not just the golf coverage. Football has always been international but results for Spain, France and Germany are inreasingly prominent. And this year at Super Bowl time they even had a dedicated space where "people can talk about American football".

So is this a model for others? Can newspapers keep their existing readers while making overtures to other countries. Definitely a topic for day 3 at DME.

(photo - some rights reserved by tony_the_bald_eagle on Flickr)


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Nick Tjaardstra


2012-04-11 23:01

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