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How will we get our news in 20 years time?

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How will we get our news in 20 years time?

When we spoke to Terry Maguire about his memories of the first DME events (then called Beyond the printed word), we also asked how he sees media content being delivered in 2032.

Naturally he expects newspapers to be published almost solely as digital incarnations. But he goes further, seeing these new media outlets as "the instant and continuing point of reference and departure" for daily life. An optimist at heart, he envisages these news portals becoming the starting point for our most basic activities, from finding food, to finding out about world events or staying in contact with friends. They will become the reliable hand that keeps us afloat "in the rising see of deadly digital data".

So the questions is do you agree? Let us know below and continue the conversation at DME in two weeks time.

(if you're looking for some off-beat inspiration - check out the video below by Finn Brunton, on what the Obsolete, Unsuccessful and Experimental can teach us about the future)

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