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Sports PR and media: oil and water?

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Sports PR and media: oil and water?

Mr Connolly, Sports Public Relations Director for the marketing agency Havas Sports & Entertainment in the U.K., acknowledged that “It wouldn’t be healthy to act as if we’re on the same team.”

While public relations people are trying to get publicity for their brands, and media have a different agenda, there are ways to improve cooperation to mutual benefit, he says.

“Brands and organisations have stories they want to share, things they want to promote, and media organisations want the best possible content to give to their audiences. So good content is always going to give us a point in common,” he says.

Here are some of the areas that could lead to better working relationships:

  • Know one another’s disciplines.
  • Meet as often as possible, but with a purpose.
  • Look for “win-win” deals.
  • Deliver on your promises.
  • Be joined-up in your own organisation. “You editorial guys should know what the commercial people are doing,” he says. “Without disrupting integrity, there might be ways where commercial and editorial can work together where everyone can benefit.”
  • Don’t lie.

While technology and new platforms are changing the relationship between sports brands and media, they’re still tied together in a fundamental way, Mr Connolly says.

“There are thousands and thousands of stories being told in different ways, every hour. But fundamentally, it doesn’t matter how much technology changes, a good story is still a good story, and that will never change.”



2012-03-30 13:23

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