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Media and football working together

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Media and football working together

“For 300 years, there was no other media choice and the newspaper journalists were quite powerful,” he says. “With social media and mobile elements, that’s drifted away somewhat. The relationship that local media has with football clubs has to change.”

Football clubs are now using social media, have their own websites, publish their own magazines, and going to the fans directly. And while the relationship with local media is facing challenges, there is still room for cooperation, he says.

“We’re predominantly a local football club, so local relationships are important,” he says. “We seek innovative ways to deal with local media. But the future is becoming more international, even for a local football club.”

Here are some of the ways the Norwich City Football Club works together with local newspapers:

  • Making club officials available to answer fan questions through the newspaper website. “That’s really useful to connect with the fans, and the newspaper gets really good content.”
  • Joint products. When both local media and the club were producing competing football magazines, neither was profitable. But when a joint magazine and profit-sharing plan was created, both sides were able to make a profit.
  • Events and community fundraising.

Mr Phillips acknowledged that the relationship between football organisations and media in large markets is even more challenged than those in smaller markets. “When you’re in a big city and there are multimedia choices, as a media owner you just have to be better than anyone else,” he says.




2012-03-30 10:43

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