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Nike is eating our lunch

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Nike is eating our lunch

Big brands like Nike, sports organisers and football clubs, athletes and broadcasters are all moving into the space once dominated by newspapers, and they are often doing it better, says Mr Kelly, opening WAN-IFRA’s 3rd International Sports News Conference in the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid, Spain.

“Football clubs are often the most controlling, arrogant organisations, but digitally, they’re willing to partner up with social media, and in many cases they do it better than we do,” he says.

Nike, which already has a loyal fan base, is a good example of “a big brand playing is a space we previously owned,” he says. “They create magazine-style content around sports and fitness that is as good as any specialty sports magazine in the market.”

But all is not lost for newspapers, he said. Partnerships are important. Mr Kelly talks about partnering with companies that can repurpose newspaper content – link aggregators, e-edition e-mail newsletters. “To me, its another way of taking what we already do, finding a partner to repurpose it, and finding a new way to engage with our customers,” he says.

Exploring new geographic markets are also an opportunity. UK newspapers are finding that English football content provides an opportunity for international expansion. “Where the potential is, is if you can find a good partner, with a good sales team, and there is a good market, I think it’s really important for us as publishers to explore those possibilities,” he says.

Mobile usage also is finally fulfilling its promise, he says. “The question for me about websites and mobile, is that many of us consider mobile to be an offshoot of our website. But there is a lot of evidence to suggest that mobile should be the primary publishing platform, and desktop should be the afterthought,” he says.

"When we're faced with publishers who are really good, and happen to be football clubs or sports organisers, we just have to be really good and better and earn our place in the users limited engagement time," Mr Kelly says.




2012-03-29 10:34

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Journalists and sport experts from all over the world will gather at the home stadium of Real Madrid in Madrid, Spain, on 29 and 30 March for the International Sports News Conference. WAN-IFRA will provide summaries of each speaker's presentation during the event. Check back on our blog for the latest updates.

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