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Marca: Newspaper, web – and sports café?

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Marca: Newspaper, web – and sports café?

When it comes to diversity, Marca has put its name on a sports bar franchise, animated cartoons, a sports journalism school, gaming, ticket sales, television and more. And it has applied for a gaming and gambling license as well.

“Why are we diversifying so much? We need to invest in something new, we need to find new business models in view of this scenario,” says Juan Hevia-Aza, Marketing Manager for Marca.

His presentation focused on how Marca is putting its brand on new products, including:

  • Marca Sports Café, a sports bar that opened in Madrid 18 months ago and turned a profit at the end of 2011. The company plans to franchise the brand, expand first to other Spanish cities and ultimately to other countries as well. In addition to raising visibility and generating revenue, Marca Sports Café also provides a venue for Marca events.
  •, an online ticket sales site which has sold more than 100,000 tickets since it opened in November 2011.  “Thanks to our strong image, we are a reference for ticket sales,” says Mr Hevia-Aza.
  • Marcatoons, an animated cartoon series that presents sports news in a humorous way. “They always reveal certain secrets of each football club,” he says.
  • A journalism school that offers a Masters of Journalism degree and generated 100,000 Euros in revenues in its first year. In addition to the academic degree, the school also offers professional workshops and seminars.

"Our motto at Marca is, 'no risk, no gain,'" says Mr Hevia-Aza.

Is there any end to the diversification of the newspaper brand? Perhaps not. Under consideration is a website, -- in Chinese.



2012-03-29 16:21

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