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Cristiano Ronaldo: Social Media Champion

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Cristiano Ronaldo: Social Media Champion

With nearly 42 million fans on Facebook, and 8 million followers on Twitter, Ronaldo is the world’s most popular sports star on social media (and fifth most popular Facebook presence overall, behind Michael Jackson, Facebook, Texas Hold ‘Em Poker and Lady Gaga).

“Cristiano Ronaldo is the best example of a champion becoming a media brand with the good use of social networks,” says Claude Droussent, CEO of the France-based sports consultancy Malt, who said media companies have much to learn from Ronaldo’s success.

Fifty-five per cent of people who have an internet connection world-wide also have a Facebook account, so it’s worth noting what Ronaldo has been doing on the platform.

Here is what Mr Droussent says is responsible for his success:

  • Exclusive content, “what he thinks, how he plays, photos when he travels, content every day.”
  • “Sport-tainment”, in the form of games and Apps.
  • Incentives, in the form of opportunities to win time with him and other contests.
  • Community management. Ronaldo has two employees managing his social media presence. He spends 1 hour daily with them to add content, answers questions from fans. “He’s very interactive with people.”



2012-03-29 13:33

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