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Emotional response = efficient advertising

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Emotional response = efficient advertising

“If [advertising] hasn’t made them feel something, it won’t work,” says Will Goodhand.

Mr. Goodhand, of UK-based BrainJuicer, an agency that helps its clients understand and predict people’s emotional behaviour, says people react to advertising at a much more basic level than most of us realise.

“We think much less than we think we think,” he says. “We are still thinking with our reptilian brain rather than our rational brain.

“We know that the way to get to the consumer is to seduce them,” Mr. Goodhand adds, which is accomplished at the emotional level rather than the logical one.

“We are driven by our emotional brains,” he says.

As a result of this, studies have shown that emotional advertising campaigns are more effective and more profitable than rational campaigns – even in rational product categories.

In fact, he says, the most demonstrably effective advertisements of all have little or no rational content.

“Emotion is quite simply what counts,” he says.

To illustrate his point, Mr. Goodhand shows a couple of commercials from Cadbury featuring a drumming gorilla and two from Knorr Sidekicks to show how effective ads that take viewers on an emotional journey can be.

He says the drumming gorilla turned out to be Cadbury’s most effective ad ever.

“As humans we just relate to stories,” Mr. Goodhand says, whether it’s Greek theatre or 30-second TV spots.

Discussing print advertising, he says if publishers know their readers generally see all pages of a publication, they could consider creating campaigns with a series of ads that take readers on emotional journeys in which an ad that is initially negative is resolved through the publication.


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Brian Veseling


2012-03-02 19:49

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