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Less transformation please, more evolution

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Less transformation please, more evolution

"Transformation implies for me a complete change – out with old, in with new. As leaders, I don't think it's an appropriate image to paint for our colleagues," he says.
"We see the current business as still capable of significant growth, with multimedia growing alongside the business and not replacing it," he says. "Many newspapers in Europe, and ours in the U.K., are actually doing quite well…the business remains full of life."
The constant focus on digital, digital, digital has to have a negative impact on newspaper staff, says Hustler, speaking at a Congress session on leadership. "Inevitably people are led to believe that what they do is unimportant and not valued," he says. "Our newspaper businesses are producing loads of cash. We have to give the right message to our colleagues and investors."
"Many of our brands are over 150 years old. They're all growing in circulation. Tell me any other brands in any of your marketplaces that are 150 years old and are still putting in growth. And these are the newspaper businesses that the experts say we have to transform. Complete bollocks in my view."
Hustler calls for "less transformation please, more evolution."
"Digital is not about replacing our legacy business, it is about adding to it, and improving it," he says. "Our business is multimedia. The point is all about our customers. Our customers don't think in one media or the other, they're just our customers."



2011-10-15 17:02

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The 71st World News Media Congress, the 26th World Editors Forum and the 3rd Women in News Summit took place from 1 - 3 June 2019 in Glasgow, Scotland.

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Participants were also very active on Twitter throughout the event under the hashtag #wnmc19.

In 2011 the newspaper world gathered in Vienna, Austria for IFRA Expo 2011, 63rd World Newspaper Congress and 18th World Editors Forum.

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